B5. Evan


Hipsters have become a staple of the urban environment. They are a facet of what is termed the creative or "arts" community. You are likely to see them in bars featuring independent/alternative music; a hybrid of rock-progressive-pop music. They also frequent coffee shops, second-hand or vintage clothing stores, specialty record shops, and art galleries. Often, they earn a nominal living in many of the aforementioned establishments. Generally speaking, their political leanings are leftist and, despite the pretense of open-mindedness, acutely intolerant. They reject the lure of popular culture as such, but are very much immersed in that self-same culture. A crucial facet of the hipster's appearance is a kind of well-nurtured messiness, i.e. artfully disordered hair, crumpled apparel, unkempt and slightly unwashed countenance. Though their appearance may have its roots in the punk fashions of the mid to late 1970s, both in sensibility and behavior, the hipster is very much a by-product of the 1960s counter-culture movement; a Western cultural phenomenon which itself had its beginnings in the 18th and 19th centuries (or so I'm told).

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