E33. Valeriya

E32. Amy & José

E31. Croxs

E30. Brooke

E29. Grandma

E28. Vincenzo

E27. Bradley

D26. What Does Daddy Know?

D25. Richard

D24. Ruth

D23. The Westwood Family Robinson

D22. The Mod

D21. Albert

D20. The Cyclops

D19. The Cadet

D18. Delaney

D17. The Three Graces

D16. Mr. Fantastic

D15. Vegan Uprising

D14. Tinker Bell and Dante

D13. Benny and the Jet

D12. Karen

D11. Julie and Miss Holly

D10. Cassie

D9. Belinda

D8. Angie

D7. Larry

D6. Ronny and Jasmine

D5. Jules

D4. Bobby

D3. Jody

D2. Sumalee and Bill

D1. Andrew

C7. Chloe

C6. Ania

C5. Bernard and Jenny

C4. Ben

C3. Susan & Reni Reaves

C2. Wilma

C1. Antonio

B12. Abigail

B11. Lee

B10. Megan

B9. Athena and Oscar

B8. Mara

B7. Frank & Lois

B6. Penelope Cates, aka "Bewildera"

B5. Evan

B4. The Killing Of Georgie 2

B3. Henry

B2. Annabelle

B1. The Tender Trap

A10. Simon

A9. Miss Mama

A8. Ed

A7. The School of Northside

A6. Beth and Dan

A5. Kevin S

A4. Elizabeth C

A3. William

A2. Mary M

A1. Dwayne J