B4. The Killing Of Georgie 2

The Killing Of Georgie 2

There is a lot of clutter and decay on the Western Street. At times, people form makeshift groups, commonly known as gangs, in an attempt to stabilize the chaos of their environment. The old biker gangs were once a worthwhile experiment but they fell into disarray as their business model crumbled. Much of the blame can be attributed to the drug trade. Turf wars between rival gangs perpetuate murder, treachery and savagery. Narcotics are controlled by third world cartels; money laundered through Swiss banks and the Little Rock Savings & Loan. Psychotropics (http://www.psychotropics.dk/) are in the hands of the Pharmaceutical Industry and they have been mainstreamed by slick advertising techniques. Narcotics, however, are still narcotics. Users come in all shapes and sizes. They try to put a nice face on things but everyone knows the story.

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