D5. Jules


The Jules&Jules Gallery is located in Chelsea, Manhattan. For those in the know within the Arts community it is considered the preeminent showcase of the finest Contemporary Artists in the world. It was here that Amanda Blow first exhibited her Bull Pizzle sculptural assemblages. Before the heady days of Andres Serrano's Piss Christ and Damien Hirst's Death Denied/Death Explained series, it was the Jules&Jules Gallery that exhibited the placenta paintings of Malcolm Temt; a precursor to both the work of Hirst and Serrano. The gallery's founder and director is the now legendary Jules Zumstein, pictured here. From humble beginnings working as a clerk in his father's deli, Mr. Zumstein always had an interest in the Arts. Not being an artist himself, he chose instead to show the work of those artists he felt were producing pieces that transcended the commonplace and challenged the viewer's pre‑conceived aesthetics. Now in his 60s, Jules has been deemed by both art critics and patrons as Contemporary Art's most prescient Arbiter of the New. He and his wife live in SoHo and they have two grown children, neither of whom have spoken to them in the last 15 years.

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