B12. Abigail


One of the great pleasures of being an artist is the many interesting people you encounter while working on various projects. I occasionally do portraits but I limit myself to individuals who both meet my exacting creative standards and who can pay the admittedly exorbitant fees that I charge. It was my good fortune that Ms. Abigail Rabinowitz far exceeded both of these requirements. Daughter of Stanislaw Rabinowitz, the principal partner in the international law firm of Rabinowitz, Shulberg, and Rabinowitz, she had requested a portrait to be done of herself for her sixteenth birthday. The ever-doting father contacted me and after some preliminary discussions it was decided that she would pose in her dance leotard, accompanied by Tor, a mentally and physically challenged friend that she loved dearly. As the story goes, on an outing with her family to Fredrikstad, Norway, she had spotted Tor juggling Luffa gourds on a city street. She found him to be adorable and after some bargaining with the little gentleman's caretaker, her father acquired him for the ecstatic Miss Abigail. The image here is a preliminary sketch I drew in preparation for the final painting. 

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