B1. The Tender Trap

The Tender Trap

In the old days, radio would broadcast live music from the lobbies of uppercrust hotels. It was during the Swing Era and many of the bands were fronted by jazz singers. Frank Sinatra started his career this way as did the immortal Billie Holiday. The great Boswell Sisters - a band unto themselves - were known nationally for such radio shows. Last night I had dinner at Western Bowl and there was a band playing there that reminded me of these old musical acts. They called themselves the Tender Trap and I was so impressed with them that a jotted the above sketch on a table napkin while watching them perform.

Ed Borumenti on violin, Gil Stevenson on trumpet, Francis Liperos on tuba, Tommy Tedesco on guitar, Giacomo Tendolini as band leader and Miss Violet Crush on vocals.

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