A5. Kevin S

Kevin S

Hands are amazingly complicated objects to draw but they are very important in capturing the qualities of an individual. Gestures often communicate a person's psychology much better than simple facial expressions. In this case, Kevin's action is not so much malicious as it is a way of responding to a friend's comments about a sports team or a girl that he knows. As such, this gesture can be seen as a sign of camaraderie or an attempt at male bonding. Clothes also communicate a great deal about the type of person someone is. Acceptable apparel in America has always been deficient and the ongoing trend toward casualness has not helped matters. It is now common to see people wearing branded articles of clothing; that is, apparel with company logos and photographs imprinted on them. In the case above, I decided to have Kevin wearing a BAMA Crimson Tide sweatshirt under which he is wearing a Bengals football jersey for a bit of local color. I had originally considered using the Arkansas Razorbacks logo but found it to be a little too time-consuming to draw. I may add this item in the final version.

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