A4. Elizabeth C

Elizabeth C

I have not started the finished version of this sketch but I'm sure I will enjoy rendering this individual's facial features. For some reason, I find them very appealing. In my experience, I have noticed that there are a number of different types of female socialites. One is the idealist. She was likely born into wealth but feels the pangs of civic-mindedness. As such, she tries to improve the lives of the many unfortunates that surround her. Whether she actually does achieve positive results in her enterprises is irrelevant; the mere fact that she has tried gives her a sense of accomplishment. Another is the cynical pragmatist. She goes to society functions but believes that philanthropic activities are vaguely annoying. The latter of the two is pictured here. As I imagined it, she is shown walking through a gallery at an Art opening. With an indifferent air, she is speaking to an acquaintance and delicately pointing to yet another horrendous example of Modernist art.

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