A1. Dwayne J

Dwayne J

The overall structure of this rough sketch was maintained in the finished version but many of the smaller details were changed. I'm pleased to say that the accuracy of the anatomy was somewhat improved. I have been less than disciplined in my pursuit of anatomical knowledge and I hope these drawings will improve my skill in this field. Facial specifics were also developed more intensely as well as attention to details of clothing and fashion accessories; what, I believe, they currently call "Bling." I had a hard time tracking down appropriate reference for the latter. I would have thought there were many websites dedicated to "Gang" or "Street" clothing but I had difficulty locating appropriate reference for this. I'm not sure of the exact term to describe the individual pictured here. I see many such people as I drive throughout the city but I've never really spoken to one of them. In many ways, they seem slightly aloof and unapproachable. I do believe, however, that many of them enjoy Hip-Hop music; an idiom that I find slightly self-loathing in nature. Some are said to engage in petty and or serious crimes for which they are repeatedly arrested. The reasons for this behavior are often attributed to a lack of education and proper family upbringing. Others claim that it is caused by an oppressive, racist society which disenfranchises certain individuals and limits their opportunities for advancement.

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