Interview of Maurice Mattei in "Le Cri Du Coyote"
by Eric Supparo
Issue #134 June-July 2013

Road shows: Mattei in Charlotte
Sara Pearce / The Cincinnati Enquirer
July 22, 2008

Singer/Songwriter gleans gold from Kenwood Towne Center
By Brian Baker / City Beat Magazine
October 22, 2008

Tempers Flare, as Maurice Mattei celebrates another CD release
By Mike Breen / City Beat Magazine
August 24, 2007

Photos of misfits frame his music
By C.E. Hanifin / The Cincinnati Enquirer
July 16, 2004

Maurice Mattei talks about doing music for all the right reasons
By Jason Arbenz / City Beat Magazine
August 10, 2000

A photographer's take: What makes a great album cover?
By Sara Pearce / The Cincinnati Enquirer
October 23, 2005

Maurice Mattei chronicles wandering souls down on luck
By Rick Bird / The Cincinnat Post
May 20, 2004

Mattei rockin' at 51, with friends in tow
By Rick Bird / The Cincinnat Post
August 23, 2007

Maurice Mattei: "Little slices of life"
By Don McLeese / No Depression Magazine
August 2003

New CD from master storyteller Mattei
By Rick Bird / The Cincinnat Post
September 15, 2005

Carefree Life
By Maurice Mattei