Photographs by Maurice Mattei

I continue to occasionally take pictures. It might be a couple of years since I posted my first D80 collection and, in that time, I shot a few hundred photographs. Most of them were not for the purpose of this presentation. The ones that interested me were set aside and, when there seemed to be enough to choose from, I started the editing process.

Editing is more interesting when you've shot pictures with no particular agenda in mind. What emerges is a theme, but only a theme arrived at by chance. This is how I prefer to take pictures. Photography is at its best when it reflects the many experiences that make up day to day life.

I'd like to do a third installment of this series but I'm not sure if and when that might happen. For now, I'll continue to shoot pictures and, with time, there may be more to add to this series.


© 2015 Maurice Mattei