Songs and Pictures by Maurice Mattei

I usually write songs in the fall and winter. It gets cold here where I live and in the winter months I stay inside catching up on my reading, trying to improve my putting game and, at times, writing a song or two. That is my usual routine but, honestly, I did not really intend to write anything this year. This changed when I was mall-walking one day in Kenwood Towne Center and the idea came to me of writing songs that appropriated store names as their titles. It was one of those fleeting thoughts that generally produce nothing but, as it happened, the very next day I wrote "Crabtree & Evelyn." Over the next couple of months I wrote 20 songs, each of which took its title from a store in Kenwood Mall.

Of the 20 numbers, 16 are included here. I am still in the process of doing the finished recording of this material with the Tempers. Some of the songs work better with a band and some don't. Others may not work either way. The four songs that were omitted didn't quite fit in this particular format. All of the versions in this presentation are quick live (guitar and vocal) takes done to give the engineer/producer an idea of the project as a whole. None of them have been mastered and are presented here in their raw demo form.

When and if you "ENTER" below, you will see a photograph over which the song titles are listed. Simply click any title and you will be directed to a page containing the lyrics and an MP3 console so that you can listen to the track. I believe music should be given freely to the public - particularly when they are unlikely to pay for it otherwise.