I shot these pictures from DVDs played on the monitor of my computer. They were shot with traditional film and transfered to the digital format. I'm sure there is a far more efficient manner of saving movie stills onto a desktop but I didn't care to learn what that method was. After selecting the characters that I intended to photograph I chose the scenes where they appeared in the movie that seemed the most visually interesting. There is no significance to the type of movie I selected. My primary concern was to find films that had acceptable close ups. I mixed black and white movies with color because I thought this made the presentation slightly more pleasing. This is my second series of pictures shot from video screens. My first was done in the 1990s; some examples of which can be seen on the "Mixed Media" page of my web site. As with my other photographic projects, I am surprised by how these exercises often take me to places I hadn't seen before. In this case, it was to the world of Paolo Pasolini's "Medea."


[An index of information concerning each image follows the presentation.]