1a -Mexico City: Ufologist Pablo Escobar photographs objects moving west to east across the sky. They hover above the Duomo of the Madonna and disappear into the horizon.
1b -An Israeli jet pilot records an object in his flight path. He frantically hails his captain in order to receive radar confirmation but the object de-materialized before his eyes.
1c -Landing marks of alien spaceship on the surface of Mars.
2a -UFO circles cell phone tower above Lansing, Michigan. Theories persist that ETs use cell phone technology to direct human behavior through the manipulation of brain waves.
2b -Ed Vonderfell; abducted by aliens from his Wheeling, West Virginia home in 1966. In an account given to his psychologist, Mr. Vonderfell described being taken to another galaxy by aliens that looked like "small, mushroom-like trolls."
2c -Lake Diana in Wisconsin. Alien probe studies plant life. Similar probes have been spotted in such diverse places as the Amazon basin and Germany's Schwarzwald.
3a -In New Mexico, Susan Warnok photographs an object descending slowly onto the Rivas Messa. She comments later, "I never saw anything like it. It was kind of blinking like a Christmas tree light."
3b -NASA black-ops include the launching of rockets to the Moon that deliver orbiting satellites programmed to study alien activity on and below the Lunar surface. Funds for these missions are buried in earmarks attached to Congressional bills for such things as school lunch programs, midnight basketball tournaments, and the promotion of women's studies at Southern universities.
3c -Photographed outside the home of Jim and Peggy Logan. Four spheres hovering in formation. First-hand accounts indicate that the appearance of the spheres coincided with the loss of electrical power in the neighborhood.
3d -Outside the town of Saginaw, Michigan, a UFO circles the excavation site of an ancient Native-American burial ground. Anthropological records state that the area has long been known to the Cree tribe as "a Holy ground above which fly ships of fire."
4a -F18 Corsair flown by Robert Andrews. Jet and pilot abducted over Puget Sound. Neither was ever seen again.
4b -Photographed at dawn by Maggie Rose. Her account: "I walked out my front door and I looked up and saw this thing flying across the sky. It was strange looking - not a plane or a helicopter. I went back in the house and got my camera and I took a picture of it."
4c -Scientists hypothesize that this may be an alien mining facility on the surface of Mars.
4d -Photographed by a Marine reconnaissance patrol, 117 miles outside of Bagdad, Iraq. UFOs have long been observed near military bases throughout the world. Note the strange but true story of the Rendlesham Forest Incident at the following:
5a -This "crop circle" is identical to the well-known "face on Mars" photographed on the Martian surface. Crop circles are formed by the flattening - not cutting - of such crops as wheat, barley or rye in precise patterns.
5b -Albert Henderson was abducted from his Vancouver home in 1961. His wife awoke to find him gone. She alerted the police who could discover no reasonable explanation for the disappearance. After three months had passed Mrs. Henderson awoke one morning and her husband was once again lying next to her in their bed. Upon questioning by his wife, he had no recollection of the event. A "Lost Time" occurrence (see 20a - 20f).
5c -UFO photographed in the skies above San Sebastian, Spain.
6a -Space shuttle astronauts report UFO sightings on a regular basis.
6b -The Hubble telescope has located a highly evolved civilization on the planet known as gst1675478 in the Shapley-Aimes 2 Galaxy (12:35.1 -39:55). Information concerning this discovery has been suppressed by the U.S. Government.
6c -UFO cluster photographed in the skies above Biloxi, Mississippi. One witness stated, "They moved in a sort of pattern and then just went every which way."
6d -Anomalous object hovering near the town of Trbovlje in Slovenia.
6e -An ET lightshow performed for the crew of the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman. Battle station status was achieved but after communication with high-level governmental officials the ship was told to stand down. The lightshow continued for several hours, at times turning the sky into "a huge burning fireball." (Much thanks to Ufologist David Landry for reporting this incident.)
7a -On their annual family vacation to Panama City, Florida the Winstalls' teenage son photographed an object in the distance speeding across the sky. It was early in the morning and no one else witnessed the event. Winstall's father, a chemist, took the image to a forensic photo-analysis laboratory which established the authenticity of the photograph.
7b -Picture taken from a Walmart parking lot in Birmingham, Alabama.
7c -An object hovering motionless in the sky above Arlington, Virginia.
7d -This UFO followed the Goodyear blimp for 10 minutes and then disappeared behind a cloud. It was one of the rarely spotted rectangular ships that are said to emerge randomly from what has been called an "alternate universe." Many scientists claim there are countless such universes. Quantum Physics has confirmed the existence of so-called "mirror-worlds" in which every action performed in our world is duplicated in reverse in a companion world. If this is true then all things are both plausible and possible. Calculations of this kind are open to debate but the consensus among physicists is that such theorems are irreversible when applied correctly.
7e -Yet another rectangular traveler from a mirror-world of an alternate universe.
7f -A highly radiated UFO landing mark in a soccer pitch somewhere outside Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
8a -Cadet Walton Updike graduated top of his class at West Point. Upon entering active service he was assigned as assistant commander under General Wensley Davenport for navel strategy in the Vietnam conflict. In the second year of his command he developed "Mission Forge Of Vulcan," a controversial, yet highly successful, maneuver in which 75% of Viet Cong activity was diffused below Vietnam's 25th parallel. Several commendations followed this forward-thinking strategy as well as his promotion to Admiral. Ultimately, General Davenport was relieved from his position and the command was passed on to Admiral Updike. His first action as commander was to unilaterally develop and have carried out "Mission Clear Will," a brutal but astoundingly successful campaign in which every significant enemy command center in both South and North Vietnam was annihilated - along with the civilian villages sheltering these centers. Enemy activity dropped to nothing. One evening, while on R&R in Japan, Admiral Updike was abducted by aliens. He was kept for several hours and then returned to his hotel suite. Soon after this occurrence, the Admiral was demoted to a desk job in Arlington. He retired from military service in 1973. Secret Service reports - in deep background - indicate that they lost track of his whereabouts three months after his retirement.
8b -Young abductees often hide their alien implant scars under tattoos. Here, Sally X reveals the tattoo that covers alien probe marks where samples of flesh and muscle were extracted.
9a -A UFO spotted hovering near an LPGA tournament. This photograph of Shirley Englehorn was shot at Pebble Beach.
9b -Evidence of an alien visitation was gathered from this backyard in suburban Des Moines. Researchers detected abnormal cellular activity in the plant life surrounding the area. The alteration of our world on a subatomic level has long been thought to be a motivation for many alien encounters.
9c -Anomalous cloud formations above Independence, Missouri. Synthetically generated clouds are often used by aliens to mask their approach and/or departure.
9d -An array of alien spaceships moving across the sky in Chenowith, Idaho.
10a -Visual evidence recorded by Edward Bramwell of a glistening object in the skies above Portsmouth, Ohio.
10b -Shepards Bush, England. This still image was pulled from a video shot during the town's annual Maypole Festival. A crowd gathered to watch the bright light which remained motionless in the evening sky for over an hour. Many claimed that they were unable to move until the light faded away. One year later, the village experienced a 300% increase in the diagnosis of Dysphasia among its population.
10c -Ronald Aimes, a fighter pilot who was abducted on June 23 in 1975 during a training run over the Mojave Desert. Through the Freedom Of Information Act his astounding account is now available to the public and can be seen at the following:
11a -Discs fly in formation above Kiev, Ukraine.
11b -Unknown object in the sky above Louisville, Kentucky. Photographed by Bob Winstrop, a civil engineer. In a statement given to Ufologist Ed Lang, Mr. Winstrop stated, "I thought it was the moon but then it started moving around and blinking on and off. The moon doesn't do that."
11c -This UFO, spotted hovering somewhere near Alberta, Canada, emitted a low-frequency hum which debilitated many individuals that were within its range. Police reports indicate that those affected exhibited a loss of motor function and degraded communication abilities. These conditions persisted until the hum slowly faded away. The object itself continued to hover in the area for several hours.
11d -High-level electromagnetic waves masking as simple camera lens refraction. The source for the waves was never determined. ETs use EMWs to influence thought patterns in susceptible individuals.
12a -Klieg lights trained on anomalous spheres hovering above movie premiere in Los Angeles.
12b -After-burn of spaceship in a ball-field in Nebraska.
12c -President Barack Obama was abducted by aliens prior to running for political office. An official account can be seen at the following:
13a -The Duke of Edinburgh has followed the ET phenomenon since his days with the British East India Company. While on holiday in Narmada, the Duke's entourage encountered anomalous spheres crossing over the Himalayan foothills. One of the spheres actually landed on a small plain and attempts were made to establish communication between the aliens and the Duke himself. It is unknown if any such communications were successful. However, many insiders claim that Princess Diana was made aware of the details of this astounding occurrence. It is further alleged that the Princess threatened to reveal these facts to the press if she was not granted a divorce from her then husband, Prince Charles. The divorce was indeed granted but Lady Diana's actions in this matter ensured that she could not be trusted with the knowledge she possessed. Consequently, it is said that the Royal Family instructed the British SIS (Secret Intelligence Service - to have her assassinated. The automobile "accident" that killed Princess Diana also claimed the life of Dodi Fayed to whom she was then romantically linked. Fayed's powerful family - his father was Egyptian billionaire Mohammed Al Fayed (owner of Harrods, the Fulham Football Club and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Paris) and his mother was Samira Khashoggi (sister of weapons dealer Adnan Khashoggi) - is still in the process of investigating the incident.
13b -Photographed by Osiro Watasawa. A disc speeding toward the horizon off the coast of Sendai, Japan. Asian culture has been documenting alien visitations for over 10,000 years.
13c -A strange object hovering over the Great Wall of China. Photographed by Pierce Brosnan; a well-known actor.
14a -Crop circle in a Nebraska soy bean field.
14b -The Demoret Indian Mound in Ross, Ohio. Many ufologists believe that these mounds were constructed by certain tribes to indicate landing locations of alien spacecraft. Tests conducted on the mounds have picked up residual and unexplainably high radiation levels. Excavations have not, thus far, been permitted due to objections from the Native-American Cultural Preservation Society.
14c -Cosmonaut Dimitri Maslov was saved by an alien rescue ship when his space capsule developed a severe air leak on reentry into Earth's atmosphere. Details are known by the KGB and are available upon request.
15a -Through the 1980s Jacques Letrell was the most successful Pop Singer in Canada. One evening Mr. Letrell's son, Charles Letrell, was abducted by aliens. This photograph indicates areas in his son's room where unaccountable radioactivity was detected by forensic investigators.
15b -A visual re-enactment of how, it is assumed, the ETs "took" Charles Letrell.
15c -Jacques Letrell photographed during the final performance of his career at Toronto's "Night Of The Stars" spectacular. It is said that, due to the loss of his son, Mr. Letrell felt he could no longer give his fans what he thought they deserved.
15d -Ufologists speculate that Charles Letrell may have been taken to a planet within the vast and highly populated Jones-Eberson 1 Nubula (see Lynx Constellation). Under hypnosis, many children who have been to returned by ETs describe and can often point out on a map of the known Universe where they were taken. The Jones-Eberson is the location most often cited. It is thought that ETs implant location sectors in the mind of these children in a subtle attempt to communicate their point of origin to Earth's scientific community. Charles Letrell was never returned to his family.
16a -UFO follows a commercial airliner. The photograph was taken by Lt. James Bradley from his Corsair 580. Bradley was dispatched on a reconnaissance run after the airliner's pilot alerted ATC headquarters of the anomaly.
16b -Unknown objects hovering in semi-formation above Route 38 in the Nevada Desert. Scientists speculate these may be alien drones sent to document topography of possible future landing sites.
16c -Sphere directs electromagnetic waves toward an office building in Newark, New Jersey.
16d -St. Petersburg, Russia: Object hovers motionless and silently in the sky. Hundreds observe it for nearly 30 minutes. Without changing location, it disappears abruptly.
16e -Luminous disc speeds across the sky, leaving contrail (condensation trail). "It was faster than anything I've ever seen and there was no sound," said a waitress who witnessed the event.
16f -UFO flies into the clouds above the city of Neosho, Missouri.
16g -Photographed by an American G.I. high in the Hindu Kush mountain range of Afghanistan. "We were on patrol and this disc comes buzzing past our convoy. Everybody saw it. I took the picture but we all sat there lookin' at each other after it flew past, like we were saying 'did you just see that?'"
16h -Two glowing objects follow the flight path of a military cargo jet.
17a -A UFO emits an intense electromagnetic wave near a Washington Dulles Airport air traffic control tower. The wave was so intense that it debilitated cell phone communication for a two-hour period.
17b -Olympia, Washington. The Valutros family were out on a Sunday afternoon motorcycle ride when James Valutros (the father) noticed several odd objects in the sky. As they continued their ride Mr. Valutros realized that the objects were following them along the highway. He pulled to the side of the road and motioned for his son and wife, who were on the bike behind his, to do the same. The UFOs also stopped. Mr. Valutros then retrieved a camera from his back pack and shot a few pictures of the objects. He positioned the camera in such a fashion as to capture both the spheres and his wife and son in the picture.
18a -Photographed near the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru. High in the Andes Mountain chain, this city is thought to have been constructed with the help of aliens. To this day, UFOs are spotted on a regular basis in this area. There are many documented accounts of encounters between the natives and ETs. For the locals, such visitations are considered almost commonplace.
18b -In Maui, Hawaii a tourist snaps a picture of a UFO flying quickly across the sky.
18c -Sunset in San Diego. Amanda Virgelwood spots a small object in the sky. She calls her boyfriend in from another room and they observe it as it sits motionless in the sky. After 20 minutes, Amanda takes a series of pictures of the anomaly with her cell phone. It remains in the sky for another hour or so and then disappears.
18d -John Podesta was White House Chief of Staff under President Bill Clinton from 1998 through 2001. Late in his term, he was exposed to certain facts concerning alien visitations. Upon hearing the information, he insisted that the public be informed about what was happening. This was immediately vetoed by the President. Clinton was then embroiled in the Monica Lewinsky scandal and he did not want to risk further embarrassment by revealing to the world that aliens were systematically abducting human beings, performing experiments on them and manipulating human behavior. Podesta was so enraged that he unilaterally made the following statement at a hastily organized press conference:
18e -Construction activity observed on the surface of Mars.
19a -Two dark objects in the skies above Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Point Pleasant was the sight of the great Silver Bridge disaster of 1967. Before the event, many citizens of the town claimed to have experienced strange visitations from what was later called the Mothman. It is documented in police records that this entity foretold of a great tragedy that was going to happen in their town. After the collapse of the bridge and the loss of 46 people, researchers did studies of the area and found anomalous electromagnetic activity which crisscrossed Point Pleasant in a grid-like pattern. They also detected unusually high radiation levels in spots where this so-called Mothman had been seen. This was months after the actual visitations. Many Ufologists believe that some ETs can travel through time. It is further hypothesized that traits of precognition may be "passed on" to individuals who encounter these beings as a means of diverting some future catastrophe. We only have to be willing to listen and to act.
19b -In a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee, David Philips photographed several objects above his neighbors' home. "They were strange," he wrote in a letter accompanying the images that he sent to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). "It's like they'd just sit there, move a little and then sit there again. Once in a while one of them would shine a beam of light down to the ground for a few seconds."
19c -A child's drawing of a UFO that was seen by him and his family when they were on a vacation trip in the Pacific Northwest.
19d -Landmarks on the lunar surface where unexplained electromagnetic pulses have been detected.
19e -Werner von Stizell, the Father of Ufology. Visited by aliens as a youth, he made it his life goal to reveal the truth about ETs to the world. With indefatigable energy he wrote books, established organizations, linked countless networks and individuals in an effort to get the word out. Though ridiculed and ostracized by his hometown community of Bremen, Germany, he carried on his efforts tirelessly. In 1983, Mr. Stizell was found shot to death at a rest-stop off the autobahn. His wife was charged and ultimately convicted of his murder. In a statement to the police she stated, "I couldn't take it any longer....Werner was a good man but...I just couldn't."
20a -Lost Time Occurrence (LTO) #1: Ronald Fagan. Mayor of the small city of Hueytown, Alabama. Driving home one evening from a city council meeting, Mr. Fagan stopped by the South Lounge to talk to the owner, who was a friend of his. He stayed for an hour or so, leaving the establishment at approximately 10:15. Police reports indicate that he had two beers while in the bar. According to the record given by Mr. Fagan to investigators, his last memory of the evening was driving North on Route 11. The next thing he recalls is waking up two days later in his car somewhere outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. There were no visible signs of foul play and both the odometer and the gas gauge readings in the car had not altered in any significant manner.
20b -LTO #2: Jim Shalor was an architect in Sumiton, Alabama. Something of a health fanatic, he never missed the morning run he took around the neighborhood. On Monday, June 19, 2003, Jim went out for his customary jog but did not return home. The police were contacted by his wife. Months ensued without a trace of her husband's whereabouts being found. On December 12 of the same year his wife was awakened early in the morning by a peculiar noise in the house. She walked downstairs and found her husband sitting at their kitchen table, unconscious and completely naked. Psychological examinations determined that he had no recollection of what had happened to him.
20c -LTO #3: Captain Michael Harrings was on a training mission with his platoon in the foothills surrounding Palmerdale, Alabama when he was separated from his men. One of the privates called out his name but received no response. When the platoon reunited, Captain Harrings was nowhere to be seen. Search patrols were sent out shortly after Regimental Headquarters received word but nothing was found. Two weeks following the incident Private David Winstrop was on routine guard duty when he spotted a figure stumbling out of a wooded area near the base. It was Captain Harrings. Fully conscious, he asked the sergeant if he had seen a platoon passing by. The Captain had no recollection of the two weeks since the day he had gone out on the training mission.
20d -LTO #4: Ernie Drakes; local cutup in the town of Argo, Alabama. Much loved for his practical jokes and high bowling scores, he ran a small auto service shop out of the garage of his house. One day a customer asked him to take their car out for a ride to listen for a problem with the crank shaft. He left in the car and did not return. Thinking it may have been another one of his practical jokes, no one was concerned. However, after two hours had elapsed the police were contacted. As with the other cases, nothing was found. Three days later, Mr. Drakes was discovered passed out in the ladies shoes aisle of the Argo Family Dollar Store. The customer's car has, as yet, not been located.
20e -LTO #5: Anita Saltabusto was walking home from the Thursday night bingo game at the union hall in Leeds, Alabama. It was around 9:30. She lived four blocks from the hall in a small house with her sister, Ida. Anita, being a creature of habit, always arrived home from bingo at approximately 10:00. Her sister started getting worried about her when she did not arrive at her usual time. At 11:00 Ida called the Sumiton Police Department. The police did a thorough search of the immediate area but found nothing. They increased the radius of the search and sent out a missing persons APB to other Police Departments in the region. Again, nothing was found. After a week had elapsed, a semi-conscious and confused Anita Saltabusto was discovered early one morning on the practice field of Sumiton High School's football team. She was still in the clothes she had been wearing on the night of the disappearance and could remember nothing of what had happened.
20f -LTO #6: John Travolta was in Meadowbrook, Alabama shooting "Grease" when he went missing from the set for three days. Everyone assumed he had flown back home due to creative differences with the film's director. When he returned, however, it was clear that Mr. Travolta had no knowledge of this. On the contrary, he did not understand why things had come to a standstill on the set. When asked of his whereabouts over the last three days he said, "What are you talking about? I just went to my trailer to get a pop."
21a -Lights over Albuquerque, New Mexico. What are they? Where did they come from?
21b -Obelisk on the surface of the Moon. Why is it there?
21c -UFO flies above the Manhattan skyline. Why?


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