By Maurice Mattei

When I was a child my parents and I were abducted by aliens while walking home one evening near our small mountain village in Italy. I have vague memories of the event. The aliens performed a series of experiments on us and returned us to the abduction point after several hours. We kept the incident a secret and it is only now, after the passing of my mother and father, that I can address the subject.

Unlike many other abductees, we did not experience repeated visitations from the aliens. To my knowledge, no embryos were implanted or sperm samples extracted. I do believe that neurological function was altered and brain pan activity was enhanced in some ways and diminished in others. I recall that colors appeared to be much more vibrant after the abduction and my hand-eye coordination had evolved exponentially.

At the time, it would have been futile to explore this matter further. Local customs discouraged such pursuits. Since then, however, I have invested considerable energy into accumulating visual evidence of alien visitations. The government is well aware of the phenomenon but they are fearful of public reaction and the effect of such reactions on the market place.

I have sifted through thousands of images in my files and assembled a portion of them randomly in the following pages. They can be broken down into four basic groups: sightings, physical evidence of visitations, witnesses, and abductees. Of the latter, I have chosen certain high-profile personalities - President Obama, John Travolta, Jacques Letrell - to lend further credence to what has become the incontrovertible fact they we are being visited, studied and manipulated by alien intelligences.

An index follows the presentation. The index includes a brief description of each image.